Friday, November 5, 2010

Hallowfreakinween 2010!

I'm like almost a week late for blogging about my amazing Halloween eve night. So let me tell you!

Yes my friends I spent my night dancing to that dirty electro music, and I loved It! The people, music, venue, and experience was AMAZING!!! Definitely a night I will remember until I do it again next year!

3,000+ people attended!

 A ton of people came to the event even some from out of state. The dj's included Markus Schulz, Richard Vission, Dj Bl3nd, and much more! I will definitely be attending this next year!


  1. Finally! Someone who listens to electro music!

    I'm big on that and Industrial too! :)

    MSI? :)

  2. Hi Chelsea, I really appreciate your thoughtful comment..and congratulations on the baby!'s difficult being a beauty blogger on my behalf, because I happen to have a love for beauty products, clothes, nice things, etc...but simultaneously I don't feel pretty- and I think that is what often makes people interested in your expressions, images, etc ( regardless of the compliments, it is still something I struggle with intimately)...anyhow...I really enjoy the aspect of being open with people and it gives me a sense of purpose and happiness, and makes me blab to my grandma constantly. Blogging is one of the best hobbies I have taken up. So, as far as weight is concerned- I have struggled with it since the age of 12. Hitting highs and lows- healthy eating and exercise worked for me ( it was gradual, but it was the only cure)...something I am really dreading now. I kind of have a knack for fad diets- I actually believe in them..and I have done the month of strictly cabnage soup, month of yogurt..etc,.they work too- but once I stop..the pounds pack on instantly. Well, I can talk for hours on end. Enjoy tomorrow's holiday:)

  3. I love electro music too..its a great way to distress yourself..Great pics!!

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