Friday, November 5, 2010

Hallowfreakinween 2010!

I'm like almost a week late for blogging about my amazing Halloween eve night. So let me tell you!

Yes my friends I spent my night dancing to that dirty electro music, and I loved It! The people, music, venue, and experience was AMAZING!!! Definitely a night I will remember until I do it again next year!

3,000+ people attended!

 A ton of people came to the event even some from out of state. The dj's included Markus Schulz, Richard Vission, Dj Bl3nd, and much more! I will definitely be attending this next year!

I won, AGAIN!

So I was just reading my emails and I saw a particular email from a blogger I was following that said I won their contest I entered... So yay! I'm not sure what is up lately but I've been winning a lot of  contests I've entered, my first one was with Korea Cosmetics for their BB Cream, just yesterday with coke I won a bunch of stuff to throw a party for the AMA awards (coke products, pizza, shirts, etc..) and today this! This is what I won!

Great colors! Thank you Kawaii Crush! I will be doing reviews soon!

Monday, November 1, 2010

I would LOVE your votes!

Well if you haven't noticed the banners all over my blog or my postings on my Facebook and Twitter then it is new to you that I'm entered in a contest for Physicians Formula cosmetics "profile picture contest", I have 4 photos in total and I am in dire need of your votes and any votes you could get me<33 

If you would be so kind to do me this generous favor and VOTE HERE, you are able to vote daily and I would greatly appreciate it and would be more then happy to return a favor!


Who doesn't love a contest?!

So I was browsing through the newly redesigned website I was introduced through twitter called Makeup talk which is great for all my makeup fiends, and found this Heaven sent contest to win 1 of 3 M.A.C Cosmetics $50 gift cards! Anyone is eligible to enter and I recommend everyone to who has a blog! Here is the link for the contest as well the link to the community. Good luck & enjoy!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Miley Cyrus getting to trashy for her young audience?

So like I said this is NOT just a makeup blog it is basically my way to get my voice out there! Well my new topic is Miley Cyrus, quite a topic right?.. Well in my opinion YES I do agree that she is getting too "trashy" or provocative for having a fan base that is basically young girls. As well I feel that she used a young audience to gain fame, but hey it's Hollywood and that's how most pop singers come out. (Britney Spears, Cristina Aguilara, ETC..) And personally I love Miley's new "Can't be tamed" attitude. If the shoe fits I always say... 

Here is one of her newer videos watch and let me know how you feel about her.