Friday, November 5, 2010

I won, AGAIN!

So I was just reading my emails and I saw a particular email from a blogger I was following that said I won their contest I entered... So yay! I'm not sure what is up lately but I've been winning a lot of  contests I've entered, my first one was with Korea Cosmetics for their BB Cream, just yesterday with coke I won a bunch of stuff to throw a party for the AMA awards (coke products, pizza, shirts, etc..) and today this! This is what I won!

Great colors! Thank you Kawaii Crush! I will be doing reviews soon!


  1. Thats awesome!!! Yay! Lucky you!!! :)

  2. Yea I guess I've just been sending out some great vibes! Lol... The only one I want to win is the one for so wish me luck!!! =]

  3. Congrats! Looks like you're having an awesome streak of luck. :D